Today if you are aged, infirm or disabled, mobility scooters offer an easy way to extend your independence. An electric mobility scooter can become a valuable asset enabling you to have a greater freedom for getting around, whether this be on a permanent basis to alleviate mobility issues, or a temporary solution.

The mobility scooter market in the UK is developing to meet this need, and these days more affordable mobility scooters are available. As with the purchase of any important asset, you should ensure you fully weigh up the options open to you before committing to buy.

Remember also, that there are now more options for leasing or renting a scooter, if you do not want to commit to purchasing one. Leasing or renting can be an ideal way of evaluating how a such assistive equipment can impact on your quality of life, and which scooter best suits you.

If you are in receipt of social security benefits you may be able to exchange your allowance under the Motability Scheme in the UK.

If you are considering how a betaalbare scootmobielen could assist you then the first thing you need to do is decide what kind of scooter best suits you. This is largely based upon your needs, and the features of various models.

What to Consider:

• Does it need to be transportable? Do you intend to move your scooter around in your vehicle? Or are you looking for a scooter that can transport you around?
• What upper-body mobility do you have? Most mobility scooters are fairly easy to operate, but some models may be easier to use if you have limitations in upper-body mobility.
• What distances do you expect to cover? Battery range of a scooter can affect the distance a scooter can travel from a single charge.
• Will you need to transport items? Some models have built-in storage, such as baskets or under-seat storage. However, storage accessories can be purchased for almost all scooters.
• What weight can a scooter safely carry? Some mobility scooters are more robust and designed to be more load bearing. You need to be aware of what maximum load a specific scooter model can accommodate.

Bearing these points in mind whilst shopping around for mobility scooters will enable you to ensure you are asking the right questions, and evaluating each brand and model.

A number of mobility scooters suppliers do offer free consultation services to assist you, and will even offer free home trials. But do remember, in essence they are trying to sell their brand to you. If you have decided on a particular brand, this can be a great way and getting help deciding on which model is right.

I would also recommend trying to get ‘real’ recommendations. If you know someone with a scooter, ask them. You will find there may be mobility charities or agencies near you that will offer free advice. You may even find independent reviews on specific scooter models online.



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