No longer just a place for patients to rest their heads before surgery or afterward in recovery, hospital beds are playing a more active role in helping caregivers to treat their patients. More sophisticated bed models incorporate features that can assist caregivers in getting patients out of bed, provide pulmonary therapy, sport built-in-scales, patient positioning features and more.

These new hospital hasta yatağı can help make the life of a nurse or caregiver easier, are safer for both patient and caregiver and can even help patients to recover, or move more quickly to lower-acuity care suites. If you want to know what future beds will look like just imagine them incorporating all sorts of technological components centered on gleaning information.

Look to bed-tracking software as one hot-button that may soon become a reality for the typical hospital and care centers. As designed, this software could let you pinpoint the exact location of any bed in the facility along with its status.

One of the biggest issues facing hospitals today, because census is running very high, is making sure they have the beds they need, when they need them and where they need them. So we are also looking at locating and tracking technologies that allow you to locate that bed and equipment when you need it.

Ultimately, efficiency with fewer nurses is the new trend for doctors. The bed is the point of connection with staff and patients, thus the best quality bed is what we want to provide our hospitals.

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