Making money drinking beer is the highest form of fantasy anyone can ever fathom. We are in the 21st century and fantasy is a reality in this modern day and age. Yes folks, you can love your beer and make money simultaneously. You and I know that a night out at the bar or a popular nightclub can leave a big hole in the pocket and the biggest expense is beer. Moreover, there is a multitude of world class brands of beer categorized and sold at changing prices based on the properties of the beer. The majority of us enjoy our cerveja and the associated friendship at such fun filled social events. But if you have a slight idea about the beer that you are drinking, no doubt, you will get paid to drink beer. Stuck for Money for a taxi ride home is a thing of the past with this approach.

Why do beer and wine companies pay you to drink beer?

The beer and wine companies all over the world invest heaps of dollars on market research to get the responses of customers like you, me and other beer and wine drinkers to check if their beer is worth the money and time invested in manufacturing them and if there is potential for product improvement. We are looking at about billions of dollars spent on market research.

This data is so crucial to beer and wine companies and they are eager to pay you for beer sampling and wine tasting. All you have to do is learn how to find your way into beer focus groups and/or wine focus groups.

How do you get into a beer focus group?

Typically, a beer company will contact a market research firm and get them to organize a beer or wine tasting session made up of beer drinkers with certain demographics. If you are enrolled with this market research firm and your characteristics match the demographics needed for that sampling session, you get an invite. You go to a pre-arranged location and give your opinion on the beer or wine you drink. You get paid for doing this.

Some of the crucial features to keep in mind in a beer tasting group are:

a) the bitterness of the beer owing to the elements such as hops, roasted barley and herbs
b) the sweetness of the beer – due to the amount of sugar present in the beer
c) the alcohol level of the beer as in the % of alcohol due to the amount of fermented stuff actually transforming to alcohol
d) the viscosity of the beer when you feel it in the mouth. It is also called mouth feel and
e) lastly the color of the beer

Some of the useful features to keep in mind in a wine focus group are:

a) European wines are labeled according to the location they come from (Bordeaux for example)
b) Non European wines are labeled according to the grape used in the making of the wine (Pinot, Merlot etc)
c) Wine tasting involves evaluating the quality of the wine using your senses
d) Differences in color, taste, smell, body and development of wines happen due to the dependence on the type of grape harvested in the year of their production
e) Flavors due to wine aging in oak casks include coffee, vanilla or chocolate and this has nothing to do with the grape itself

Market research organizations all over the world are always looking for tasters as beer and wine drinking is prevalent in most countries. You can make money drinking beer and wine no matter where you live.

So folks, in essence, you need to get information about the market research organizations looking for beer and wine tasters. You can get more information on getting paid to drink beer. You can now enjoy that special lager or Merlot not just free of cost but get paid to drink it.

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