Business lunch catering, though many believe they can easily cater for such an event, is not as easy as it appears to be. There are many factors that may cause failure, embarrassment, and much worse, make people ill.

Taking into account that you’ve obtained all your business licenses and paperwork in order, you have a commercial kitchen to use, are operating a legitimate business, and following all health and hygiene guidelines.

Before attempting catering for a large event of 200+ box lunches, you need practice on about 40 box lunches or less. Timing is of the utmost importance. If you are unsure about how long it may take to make sandwiches, you may find yourself making a late delivery to your client which can be disastrous. You also need to ensure proper hygiene and food preparation because any lapses may mean a person who eats the food can become ill.

You need to know that the At200Deg will depend on the time allotted by the client for the lunch event. Lunch will usually have some type of salad. For a continental menu, a business lunch catering would provide some cheeses. You can serve fresh fruit cuts, and a vegetable tray with dip. The business lunch catering can serve desserts that include ice cream sundaes or finger food. Make sure that you have asked your client if they prefer to have options for vegetarians and those with food allergy or special dietary needs.

If you are providing catering services involving packed or box lunches, ice cream may be very difficult to provide unless you own a refrigerated truck. In this case you need to prepare some other form of dessert that is easy to transport like a light cookie or pastry.

One more thing about business lunch catering that involves packed or box lunch is that you need to have ample disposable cutlery, condiment sachets, and other essentials.

Whenever you are doing business lunch catering, it is essential to keep in mind how many employees will be served. You may need to ask the client if there may be any additional guests that need to be served as nothing can be more embarrassing than running out of food.

You need to know how formal the client wants the lunch to be. If the client wants a full service gourmet lunch, then your menu will automatically be different from an ordinary lunch. Business lunch catering for a formal affair will also mean you need staff to do the food service duties and clean-up afterwards.

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